Fitness Shots In Action Tips

Fitness Shots In Action Tips

Of all the photo sessions offered by the creative team at Pixel Pixie Creations, Fitness Shoots can vary from shoot to shoot more than just about any other specialty. And it’s not easy to get the perfect fitness shot in action – especially if you’re not thinking specifically about the composition of the finished image.

We thought it might be helpful to share some ideas for fitness in action shots so that potential clients will have an idea of where to begin and what’s possible. Here are the tips we feel most important for those interested in Fitness In Action Shoots:

  • Close-Ups Tell A Meaningful Story: When a client is trying to convey effort, when they want to showcase strain or determination, when they wish to impart that gains come from pains then close-ups of faces caught mid-stride or mid-action can do a wonderful job of communicating these feelings and our nebulous concepts.
  • Group Action Shots Work Well: Think about a group of runners rounding a corner in a track. They’re bodies are in motion, their faces are focused, their energy is contagious. They’re sending a clear message about overcoming challenges and enjoying the process. This kind of imagery works in so many different ways.
  • Unexpected Movements Are Powerful: When you see an image of something you didn’t expect you’re interested before you even realize it. This works exceptionally well in fitness photography as subverting expectations can work wonders for engagement. Imagine a gymnast upside down and spinning. The tight control and the casual loss of it make for engaging imagery that can communicate almost any message a client can conceive of.
  • Superhuman Effort Says A Great Deal: For this one, we want you to think about a weightlifter. Imagine them struggling to lift a bar over their head. You can see the effort, the will involved in the movement. You know how it must end but the image is a still. There’s mystery that plays on our belief in the human spirit overcoming any odds. This can be applied to so many messages and works equally well with all of them.

With these ideas, you should be able to design a Fitness In Action Shoot that captures every image you’ll need for your purposes – whether personal or commercial in nature. But don’t worry if you’re still uncertain. The creative team at Pixel Pixie Creations will be happy to share their thoughts on how to make your Fitness Session the best it can be. Get started now by calling (386) 299-7891 and chatting with us about your photoshoot goals.


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