Perfecting the Fashion Shoot

Perfecting the Fashion Shoot

At Pixel Pixie Creations, we do all we can to help prepare clients for what to expect when their photo session date arrives because we want them to be comfortable from the first moment to the last. For Fashion Sessions, we felt it would be helpful to put some tips together for easy review so that our Fashion Session clients are well prepared for what to expect. Let’s start with:

  • Planning Ahead: The best thing a client can do before their Fashion photo session takes place is to plan what’s going to happen to the best of their ability. Of course, Pixel Pixie Creations will assist in this area but it still pays to put together a simple plan for the session date.
  • Pick Your Location: Another good idea for Fashion photo session clients is to choose a location for their session well in advance of the date. Doing it early ensures two things – you run into no issues with booking and you’re not interrupted during your time on location.
  • Select Props: Many Fashion Sessions shot by Pixel Pixie Creations include props of one kind or another. We recommend that all clients interested in using props in their photo sessions think carefully about what will work in terms of color and composition.
  • Angles Matter: Fashion Sessions with Pixel Pixie Creations can have many goals but all of them will involve angles in some form or fashion. Do the clothes look better from above? From below? Will light interact positively or negatively from certain angles? It all matters.
  • Include Directions: Models are excellent at what they do but they’re not responsible for capturing the right shots during a Fashion Session. That’s up to you as the client so know what you want to accomplish prior to the session date arriving.
  • Right Technology: You can trust Pixel Pixie Creations to bring all of the best camera technology to your Fashion Session. However, you may have special requirements that will involve specific camera technologies and that should be shared with our team right from the start.

If you’re looking forward to a Fashion Session with the team from Pixel Pixie Creations then the information shared above is all you need to think about prior to your session date. Paying attention to these items will help you enjoy the Fashion Session as it happens and avoid any stress that comes from missing something important. Get all the facts about Fashion Sessions by calling Pixel Pixie Creations at (386) 299-7891 today!


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